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Aeroseal is a duct sealing technology that makes your system as airtight as possible to improve the efficiency of heating & cooling equipment. 

You're not getting the most out of your heating and air system

Did you know 25-40% of the air that’s supposed to blow through your vents is escaping through cracks and holes in your air ducts? You could be wastefully heating and cooling areas like your attic, crawl space, and even behind walls.

Not only that – dust, debris, and allergens are being sucked in and blasted all over your house. Yuck!

This is why your bedroom is freezing, your coffee table is always dusty, and your energy bill is through the roof.

The good news is… we make it easy to fix.


Enjoy more even temperatures in every room of your house. No more hard-to-heat spaces. You’ll even sleep better.


Improve operating efficiency and get the most out of your system – more air from your vents and longer system life.

Air Quality

Cleaner, healthier air. Say goodbye to dirty air, allergens, and contaminants blowing all over your house.


Be proud of a more efficient home. You’ll save money and the planet at the same time, with a smaller carbon footprint.

Energy Savings

With improved efficiency, realize an annual savings of up to $850 per year on your heating and cooling bill.

Fast & Easy

We’re in and out of your home in a few short hours. You’ll feel the results and enjoy the savings immediately.

The combination of cutting-edge technology plus a simple and safe duct sealant formula.

Aeroseal’s smart technology finds the exact amount of leakage in your system and targets all of the cracks and holes – even the ones you can’t see or reach.

Our duct seal formula is safe, non-toxic and made of the same material that is found in chewing gum and baby pacifiers.

Best of all, our non-invasive process takes only a few hours, with little-to-no inconvenience nor clean-up needed.

Comfortable, & Eco-Friendly Home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Aeroseal is made up of polymers, that bind together and seal leaks, holes or misalignments in your HVAC system. Using synthetic nanoparticles which bind together, Aeroseal makes your ducts as airtight as possible.

Yes! Sealing your vents and ducts means that air is delivered where it’s needed, and not into your unused basement, attic or crawl space. This also helps get rid of hot and cold spots in your house.

Absolutely! Leaky ducts and vents pull in dust, mold and dander and then blow them into living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Gross, right? Our system can reduce leaky areas by as much as 90%, making sure dirt isn’t circulated in your house.

A lot! Independent government-sponsored studies have shown that most homeowners can save at least 20%, while some save as much as 40% of their total bill. Exact energy savings are difficult to predict, since they depend on where you live, how old your house is, how up to date your system is, how many rooms you need to heat or cool, and how energy costs are calculated in your area.

Without a doubt. Our formula is a water-soluble organic compound. We’ve helped hospitals, surgery centers, schools and public buildings make sure their air is clean, healthy and comfortable – and saved them energy and money in the process. You certainly can stay in your house while the technician is working (although we prefer that no one be in the home so our technicians can work quickly and efficiently), but as a precaution, we do recommend pregnant women, elderly people, and those with any breathing difficulties not be present while we are sealing your ducts and vents.

Our sealant formula is derived from a natural organic compound; is safe to breathe; has been tested by an independent lab, and found to have an extremely low concentration of VOCs. Some say it has a small odor similar to or comparable to Elmer’s glue, which goes away within a few hours after completing the service.

Holes bigger than 5/8 inches in diameter are too big for the sealant to bond to effectively. Any larger, major leaks – like broken, disconnected or damaged ducts – will need to be repaired prior to sealing. Most of the time, we uncover problems like this during our initial inspection. However, if we find this during our sealing process we can easily pause the system immediately to stop the flow of sealant, inspect for the problem area and provide an on the spot solution before resuming the seal process.

Some of our formula may leak into the places where your air was previously leaking – attics, garages, and wall cavities. This is totally harmless, and will dry. As part of our process, we filter the air to make sure none of our sealant vapor escapes into your living areas.

Some of our formula may leak into the places where your air was previously leaking – attics, garages, and wall cavities. This is totally harmless, and will dry. As part of our process, we filter the air to make sure none of our sealant vapor escapes into your living areas.

It depends on how much duct work you have, and how many leaks you have, but generally about two hours.

We guarantee our work for at least 10 years, and we’ve stress-tested it up to 40 years in homes. We expect your heating and cooling systems to work efficiently for as long as you own your home.

We always recommend to have a complete upgrade of your homes air quality. Your duct sealing with Aeroseal will be optimized with a thorough duct cleaning.

Yes. Ducts from all types of materials can be successfully cleaned after being sealed. Our formula dries into a very hard, very durable substance.

No. Our formula doesn’t coat or line your ducts. The only sealant remaining after our technician is done will be over the leak that was sealed.

Not really. This noise is usually caused by two things – either the ductwork is too small for the size of the furnace or air conditioner you have, or the air flow through the indoor coil of your system is restricted for some reason. A contractor can identify the cause of any “loud” equipment and can recommend a solution for noise reduction.

The primary causes of condensation on ductwork in unconditioned crawlspaces and attics is missing or otherwise inadequate duct insulation, no or poor vapor barrier on the ducts and/or too much moisture in the ambient air. If the above are addressed properly this usually eliminates or minimizes the problem greatly. Sealing the crawlspace is generally recommended as well, and a vapor barrier on the crawl space floor or ground to decrease moisture absorption into the air is a good idea. A free standing dehumidifier should also help. Aeroseal may help to a lesser degree if duct air leaks beneath insulation are causing the duct surface temperature to reach dew point, which is the temperature when condensation begins to form. Over time this condensation will degrade the insulation’s R value and its ability to prevent the duct temperature from reaching dewpoint.

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