Dryer Vent Cleaning

What Does dryer vent cleaning Look Like?

One of the most overlooked maintenance items in our homes are the dryer vents. Why wouldn’t it be, after every cycle of clothes we’ve all been trained to clean out the lint trap (thanks mom). So then, why are clothes dryers a leading cause of home fires? Well, out of sight, out of mind.

When dryer vents are full of lint, they inhibit the dryer exhaust, causing it to work harder. This could lead to increased energy use, a hot dryer top, longer drying cycles and potentially fire, none of which are good on your budget or the environment.  It is generally recommended to have your dryer vents cleaned once a year.

Core Value’s trained professionals are equipped to clean any type of dryer vent. We’re also able to create you a regular maintenance program that is tailored to your structure, ductwork and lifestyle.

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Fire Safety

Between 2010-2014, U.S. Fire Departments responded to an estimated 15.970 home fires involving clothes dryers or washing machines per year. These fires resulted in annual losses estimated at 13 deaths, 440 injuries, and $238 million in property damage. 


  • Clothes dryers accounted for 92% of the fires; washing machines 4%, and washer and dryer combinations accounted for 5%.
  • The leading factor contributing to the ignition of home fires involving clothes dryers was failure to clean, accounting for one-third (33%) of dryer fires.
  • A mechanical or electrical failure or malfunction was involved in the vast majority of home fires involving washing machines.
  • Fires involving clothes dryers usually started with the ignition of something that was being dried or was a byproduct (such as lint) of drying, while washing machine fires usually involved the ignition of some part of the appliance.
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