Dryer Vent


We Raise The Bar on Clean

Dryer Vent Warning Signs

•   Laundry takes longer than usual to dry

•   Excess lint left on clothing

•   Top of the dryer hot to the touch

•   Dryer shuts off mid-cycle

•   Clothes hotter than normal after cycle

•   Increased humidity in laundry room

Protect Your Investment

Failure to clean dryer vents leads to more than 14,000 fires annually - causing more than 15 deaths, 400 injuries, and $200 million in property damage. Just one-half inch of lint build-up limits your dryers exhaust by 44%. The National Fire Protection Agency recommends cleaning dryer vents once a year.

Monitor Your Airflow

The LintAlert® Pro Plus connects to your phone, enhancing your home safety plan by monitoring the dryer exhaust system. As lint builds over time, LED indicators progressively illuminate to show how efficiently your dryer is operating. When airflow restriction becomes dangerous, an alarm is triggered.

How We Clean

Tens of thousands of property fires occur each year because of improper or insufficient dryer vent cleaning. Core Value Contracting, LLC, of Lancaster, PA, wants to protect homes from what is a very preventable type of disaster.

Your family might thoroughly clean out the dryer vent after every use. However, there is no way to reach the unseen buildup that occurs deep within the vent. Core Value Duct Cleaning & Restoration technicians use specialized equipment to effectively eliminate this hazard, increasing safety at an affordable cost!

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