Duct Inspections

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Duct Armor Inspection Process

A video inspection is oftentimes necessary prior to installing Duct Armor. This provides a historical record for our 15-year warranty and is beneficial when buying or selling a home.

  1. Video Recording – We send a video camera through your ductwork. During the recording, we determine the layout of your system and evaluate its current condition. This helps to create a blueprint of what we find and put together your inspection report. All captured video is shared with you via DropBox.
  2. Calculating Size – In addition to the ductwork layout, we also look for factors including duct sizing, material, any obstructions, total linear and surface area calculations, accessibility, breaches, signs of asbestos, rust, bacterial growth and source of water issues. This information is necessary to calculate the needs of your system.
  3. Identifying Problems – Our primary concern throughout this process is to identify the source of the problems in your ductwork. We want to discover and resolve the root causes – not just sell you a product and services. It’s also important to survey other factors, such as soil grading or the condition of your foundation.
  4. Inspection Report – Lastly, we put together an inspection report. The report includes an assessment of our findings, concerning screenshots, any recommendations, and provides you with a historical record for your warranty.


When installing Duct Armor after a thorough inspection and report, Core Value’s professionals are prepared for a safe and successful restoration.

Protect Your Family

90% of our lives are spent indoors, making healthy air in your home essential. Breathing asbestos, mold or other allergens coming from your ductwork will cause severe health implications.

More Affordable Solution

Our HVAC liner restores air quality and extends the life of airways. Duct Armor delivers an environmentally safe and non-invasive restoration, eliminating the need to tear apart your home.

Whatever your concern, with a Core Value Duct System Inspection, you’ll be able to solve your concerns and improve air quality and system efficiency.

In order to be completely thorough, we visually inspect the interior surfaces of both your supply and return air ducts. If necessary, we may create access openings in your ducts which will be sealed and secured afterward. As a part of the duct system inspection we also visually inspect the blower and blower compartment of your furnace, the A/C evaporator coil and the filter of your HVAC system.

Our Duct Armor inspections are tailored to each individual system. Allowing us to give accurate and honest pricing, specific to your needs. As a result, our prices are often thousands lower than alternatives and provide you with only the service you need.

If you’re interested in an inspection or learning more about what could be included, Give Us A Call. We’re able to answer any questions you may have. Our inspections are $249 and fully refunded with your Duct Armor or Aeroseal installation. Included in your inspection is a personalized report and assessment, videos of your ductwork, and system mapping.

Inspection Discount

Save $100
$ 149 Any Inspection w/ Air Duct Cleaning
  • Duct Armor w/ Videos & Report
  • Duct System w/ Pictures & Report
  • Aeroseal Assessment & Pictures