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What's In Your Ducts?

Dirty HVAC systems can trigger allergies, cause illnesses from viruses and bacteria and restrict airflow – leading to expensive utility bills and respiratory concerns.

EPA Top  100
Risk To Public Health Is Indoor Air Quality
Inside Air is  0 %
More Polluted Than Outdoor Air
People Spend  0 %
Of Their Lives Indoors

Core Value is licensed and NADCA certified.

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We Clean It All

We understand the principle of circulation. Put simply, the return air becomes the supply air and vice-versa. Many cleaning companies don’t clean returns and, even worse, charge by the vent and trunk line.

Core Value cleans every duct and every trunk line at an honest price. Our goal is to improve your air quality, and this can only be done by complete source removal.

Core Value Duct Cleaning & Restoration technicians use specialized equipment that effectively eliminates hazards, to increase safety for your business or homes at an affordable cost!

Our Process

Using duct cleaning trucks that create more than 12,000 CFM of vacuum force. To put that into perspective, a contractor-grade ShopVac is less than 300 CFM! With all that power, your system is put under a negative pressure, making the primary strength of suction focused at each register we open to work from.

Our duct cleaning technicians then use a high velocity of compressed air and agitation tools to break loose any build-up and push it towards a collection point, ensuring every inch of the ducts are cleaned. This controls and removes the debris source from your home or business, through our 8″ vacuum lines, to the containment cylinders mounted on our trucks.

√   Return Ducts
          – This is the starting point of our process and follows the flow of air through any system.

√   Supply Ducts
          – Each branch of the supply is cleaned.

√   Registers
          – Each register is cleaned by hand with an all-natural cleaning agent before being re-installed.

√   Main Trunks
          – This is where our 8″ vacuum hose is connected. Once we’ve cleaned the supply and returns, the last bit of debris gets removed from the trunk lines. Using agitating whips or rotary brushes and forced air, we remove everything out to our vacuum collection point.

√   Air Handling Unit
          – Included in our cleaning is hand cleaning and compressed air washing your furnace – to include the blower and filter compartment.

Deeper Clean Add-ons

+   Fogging Disinfectant
          – Our most popular cleaning enhancement, a fogging machine sends an environmentally safe, hospital-grade antimicrobial and antiviral Botanical Disinfectant Benefect, through your system to eliminate bacteria and fight odors. 

+   Coil Cleaning
          – The biggest culprit of odors and system inefficiency is an uncleaned coil. (If you have an HVAC maintenance plan, it does not include this.)

+   Dryer Vent Cleaning
          – One of the most overlooked regular maintenance items in our homes are the dryer vents. Failure to clean dryer vents causes more than 14,000 property fires annually. Because it’s such a serious concern, we give a $50 discount when adding the dryer vent to your air duct cleaning.

The average home collects between 40-60 lbs of dust, dirt and grime every year. Airborne allergens found in ductwork can circulate through your system 5-7 times every day.

Buildup in ductwork restricts airflow, leading to expensive energy bills and increases the risk of property damage. Failure to clean dryer vents causes more than 14,000 property fires annually.

Cleaning and/or sealing your HVAC system will remove contaminants, reduce allergens and upgrade efficiency, delivering lower energy costs.

Find The Right Duct Cleaner

Trust is essential in any relationship. To earn your trust, Core Value’s trained professionals hold several certifications and licenses, including NADCA Certified ASCS.  

Powerful vacuum systems – creating negative air pressure and using compressed air with agitation tools – is the only proven method to safely and effectively clean air ducts. Our heavy-duty vacuum trucks create more that 12,000 cubic feet per minute of air suction. 

When you invest in your families health and comfort, a residential or commercial duct cleaning company should always protect your home, give honest pricing and leave you confident with delivering a high-quality service.

Not all companies use the high-quality standards and work practices as Core Value. Be on the look out for a few things when looking for a duct cleaner near me.

Negative air pressure is the nationally recognized method for duct cleaning. Some states even outlaw companies marketing anything less. 

If a company, regardless of their reputation, is using a RotoBrush – it’s a scam. 

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association works closely with the EPA, OSHA and several ANSI certified bodies to include the IIRC. The standards and curriculum they set, are driven by a collaboration between those bodies and the knowledge and experience from nationally leading contractors. 

Nearly all Commercial and Industrial customers require NADCA certifications, even to just bid on projects.

Do you want your auto mechanic filing your taxes? How about your doctor remodeling your bathroom?

Let your plumber work on the plumbing, the carpet cleaner clean on the carpet and your HVAC contractor on the mechanicals.

Core Value specializes in Air Quality and Energy Efficiency and we’re pretty darn good at it. 

Be wary of the $199 Duct Cleaners. It’s a gimmick that gets their foot in the door to up-sell or overcharge for an low-quality service. 

Another thing to look out for is the seemingly good deal, but the fine print says “9 vents, 3 Returns and 1 Trunk Line”. It’s another up-seller and that company isn’t concerned about your air quality, just making money. 

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