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WHAT IS Duct Armor

Duct Armor is an environmentally safe, non-invasive and patented rubberized duct liner that restores your ductwork to better than new condition. 

This revolutionary, non-toxic duct repair technology containing zinc, inhibits bacterial growth and affordably encapsulates asbestos, rust and molds.

Rebuild & Restore Ductwork

Underground Ductwork

Specifically designed to restore your deteriorating duct work to better than new condition.

Ducts Containing Asbestos

Rigorously tested and EPA compliant for safely encapsulating asbestos in ductwork.

Mold Remediation

Eliminates and prevents mold and other bacteria from growing inside your air ducts without the use of poisons.

Allergen Reduction

Your ducts may be making you sick. Fully lined and clean air ducts will make a dramatic difference in your family’s health.

Eliminate Smoke Odor

Completely eliminate any smoke odors in your ducting, even after duct cleaning and sanitizing have failed to do so.

Rusted Ducts & Fiberboard

Lock away dangerous airborne fibers and restore deteriorating ductwork with a non-porous lining.

How it Works

Our process is simple and delivers healthier air without the price tag or mess of renovation projects.

Protect Your Family

We spend 90% of our lives indoors, making it essential to have healthy air in your home. Breathing asbestos, mold or other allergens coming from your ductwork will cause severe health implications.

More Affordable Solution

Our HVAC liner restores air quality and extends the life of airways. Restoration is non-invasive and eliminates the need for a new furnace or cutting up the foundation of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

The lining is typically completed in less than a normal business day. For larger commercial projects, this could vary.

When necessary, we plan for 2 weeks between coats to allow for effective curing.

Yes, absolutely. Duct Armor is a non-toxic, non-invasive, water-based product, making it safe for children and pets. Not only can you be home during our application but can use your HVAC before we leave!

Our material will not be damaged by water and has been used to create a more watertight barrier. As a part of our inspection, we’ll attempt to identify the source of any water problem, which should first be resolved before installing Duct Armor. Though not intended to be the sole water-proofing solution, when used in conjunction with other recommended repairs, Duct Armor has proven to significantly mitigate water intrusion.

After each coat, the smell is similar to a freshly painted room. After a couple days with circulation, the only thing you’ll notice is improved airflow.

Most of the time a second coat is necessary to fully line the ductwork. Our second coat ensures your ducts have a solid coating and allows us to confidently stand behind our 15-yr. warranty.

Absolutely, and we offer bundled pricing discounts to reduce costs.

An air-tight system equals cost savings on your energy bill by reducing air loss.

Our duct lining exceeds all current building codes in Pennsylvania. New energy codes require airtight systems in every home and building – Duct Armor far and away exceeds these standards, to include HERS testing.

Duct Armor has been used in thousands of applications across the country. These include homes, estates, banks, office buildings, high rises, restaurants, schools, and universities. Regardless of the problem that brought Duct Armor to their attention, every one of our customers enjoys the benefits of improved infrastructure, great indoor air quality and reduced energy costs as a result of implementing the Duct Armor Solution.

Every residential and commercial property is different- from ductwork condition, sizing, layout, material, needs, etc. Making a specific price range difficult to provide. That being said, our residential customers typically have their systems restored to better than new for only $5,000-7,000.

We are in the process of setting up a financing option, stay tuned.

About Duct Armor

A material known as transite was used for in-slab ductwork until the 1980’s. Transite was the trade name for concrete, which used asbestos as the bonding agent. As air systems go through normal wear and tear, these asbestos fibers have become friable and then airborne, posing a risk to anyone exposed. 

Prior to Duct Armor, solutions were limited for ductwork that posed a health risk or was deteriorating. The alternatives are expensive and create construction zones that take weeks or even months to complete. One approach is to tear out the ductwork and replace it, sometimes cutting out floors or walls. The other is to completely fill and seal off in-ground ducts with concrete, before installing new ductwork in the walls and ceiling, and potentially a new furnace.

Recognizing the need for a cost effective and environmentally friendly method that restores and repairs ductwork, led to the creation of Duct Armor. The coating is a proprietary water-based latex material. Duct Armor is safe for children or pets, and has been rigorously tested and EPA approved to encapsulate asbestos and contains zinc to inhibit mold growth without the use of poisons, off-gassing or VOC’s.

Duct Armor non-invasive encapsulation is the safe and easy way to restore ductwork and air quality in your home or business, avoiding the chaos and costs of renovation projects. Remodeling your home and the relocation of air ducts into the attic, including purchasing a new furnace is no longer necessary.