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Duct Cleaning & Restoration

Core Value Contracting is a veteran-owned, green-conscious company, focused on improving air quality and energy efficiency. 

The Core Value Commitment

When it comes to your comfort and safety, our certified professionals deliver excellent service, with integrity and respect.

Our mission is to create healthier air and improve energy efficiency, through leading industry practices and by using the most advanced technologies on the market.

We believe your home or business deserves high-quality service and honest pricing. Core Value’s trained professionals have the knowledge and experience to deliver results that last. 

We offer upfront, honest pricing and free estimates over the phone.
We personalize our services to meet your needs.
We hold ourselves to 3 Core Values. Integrity ~ Service ~ Excellence.
We adhere to the highest industry standards set by the EPA, OSHA and NADCA.
We take before and after pictures to leave you confident in a job well done.

Find The Right Duct Cleaner

Trust is essential in any relationship. To earn your trust, Core Value’s trained professionals hold several certifications and licenses, including NADCA Certified ASCS.  

Powerful vacuum systems – creating negative air pressure and using compressed air with agitation tools – is the only proven method to safely and effectively clean air ducts. Our heavy-duty vacuum trucks create more that 12,000 cubic feet per minute of air suction. 

When you invest in your families health and comfort, a residential or commercial duct cleaning company should always protect your home, give honest pricing and leave you confident with delivering a high-quality service.

Air Duct Cleaning
Duct Sealing
Restoration Liner
Air Purification

Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Dirty HVAC systems can trigger allergies, cause illnesses and restrict airflow, leading to expensive utility bills.

The average home collects between 40-60 lbs of dust, dirt and grime every year. Airborne allergens found in ductwork can circulate through your system 5-7 times every day.

Failure to clean dryer vents causes more than 3,000 property fires annually. Buildup in ductwork restricts airflow, leading to expensive energy bills and increases the risk of property damage.

Cleaning and/or sealing your HVAC system will remove contaminants, reduce allergens and upgrade efficiency, delivering lower energy costs.

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