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Family in Lancaster PA

Lancaster is a city in South Central Pennsylvania. While serene, it is a tourist attraction with many free events for visitors. Amish horse and buggies abound, as does the beautiful botany it is famous for. The lushness is not the only attraction, however, as the restaurants are world-renowned for their grand buffets and good Pennsylvania Dutch and German food offerings.

There is quite a bit to love about Lancaster, keeping it a great tourist attraction year-round! Lancaster is also home to Core Value Contracting, LLC. This company is owned and operated by veterans and brings these standards to its business model!

This Lancaster company provides superior air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning affordably! 

Superior customer service and attention to detail are practically synonymous with Core Value Contracting, LLC, and this company prides itself on the use of “green” products only, which are environmentally friendly. A plethora of services exist. Duct sealing, antimicrobial treatments, fogging disinfectants, and duct armor sealing, are just a FEW. But ALL products used reflect the company’s significant allegiance to using only products that will never harm the environment. They also take pride in using products ONLY made in the United States. This type of responsible approach is not found easily elsewhere!

Veteran owned and operated; they pride themselves on the responsibility to ensure safety and air purification processes to each client that will achieve the best results with non-hazardous products.  

Lack of proper dryer vent cleaning is more hazardous to Lancaster residents than most realize.

The truth is that tens of thousands of home fires occur each year nationwide due to dryer vent buildup.  This is a staggering amount that could’ve been easily prevented. While many homeowners do clean out their dryer vents, there is buildup along the innermost venting apparatus that can’t be seen easily and needs professional cleaning. This can prevent the heart-wrenching loss due to dryer fires, and routine maintenance of vents can ensure the prevention of this type of fire.  

Searching for Duct Cleaning near me?

This is no longer a problem now that Core Value Contracting has made its home base in Lancaster. 

The company does not restrict itself to Lancaster, however, and will branch out as far as it possibly can to assist consumers. Coil cleaning is also available for HVAC and other units that utilize coils. Again, safety is a priority, and coils should be cleaned, replaced, and regularly maintained also. Fires also start regularly in heating units, and a clean unit will be less subject to fire too.

Core Value has values in place in its approach to any Lancaster duct cleaning or air purification job.   

The company focuses on:


  • Hey, what would you expect from veterans?  The price quoted is the price they stick with. That’s THE bottom line and always will be!
  • The latest and greatest technology. Always “green” solutions. ALWAYS! 
  • A 24-hour seven day a week response, with a response to any inquiries ending in scheduling within that time frame for dryers and ducts.   
  • Affordability, affordability, affordability!  That cannot be said enough! No other company can provide these types of great services at rock bottom prices.  
  • “No pressure sales.” The reps are friendly, courteous and focused on assisting you, not pushing you into a sale! 


Save time, save money, save heartache, with Core Value Contracting, LLC, and live YOUR life in a cleaner, safer home. Many individuals don’t realize that dust and grime can build up to an astonishing 60 lbs or more each year within a home.  Make certain YOUR home is NOT one of these!

Representatives respond in lightning quick speed to any phone or online inquiry. A clean home means less safety hazards, and better health overall.  Take the plunge into safety and a clean environment now and CALL or FILL OUT THE FORM!  

Core Value Contracting is waiting to assist you! Reach out NOW!

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Every effort is made to ensure we support our community by using American made tools and equipment. All of our vehicles are American Made, supporting the Detroit auto industry and our team proudly wears Core Value branded clothing, locally designed and printed.

We’re proud of being a small-business and recognize that we can only be a strong as the community around us. That’s why Core Value goes out of our way to work with local small-business and pour back into the backbone of our economy.